Do musicians pay to list their services?

No, listings are always free for our musicians. When a listed musician is booked for a gig, the host pays the booking fee through our secure system. We then pay the artist, minus a 10% service fee.

Patrons are people or entities that donate $75 or more per year to Herizon Music Foundation. All donations are considered a charitable contribution as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Talk to your CPA about how this benefits your business. Patrons have unlimited access to marketplace listings when they host events (and thus become event hosts). They also receive our newsletter, get special offers from partners and sponsors, and are invited to events hosted by Herizon Music Foundation, and more.

We love male musicians! That said, we know that the music industry historically favors them in many ways over women when it comes to bookings, airplay, and record deals (among other things). Random Acts of Music is a marketplace developed by Herizon Music Foundation, which is on a mission to help women in music experience merit-based success through equal opportunity. This service is but one option of thousands that event hosts have to choose from in booking female acts. We just want to make it easier for them to find womxn who are available for paid gigs :)

Musicians get paid when the event host and musician "confirm" a booking through Herizon Music's Stripe account. Herizon Music retains a 10% fee, so consider that when setting your performance rates. Be sure agreed upon total includes the cost of "add ons" before you confirm the booking.

If you are an event host and the artist you booked did not perform as agreed upon, contact info@herizonmusic.org no later than the day of the event to request a refund through your Stripe account. Please include the artist's profile name, date/time of event, and a detailed description of why you are requesting the refund. We highly recommend that you and the artist agree upon a cancellation policy before confirming the booking, and you print out the terms as stated in your correspondence. If our team determines that a refund is warranted per a violation of terms confirmed with your artist, Herizon Music will issue a refund to your Stripe account.

The "rate" field only allows artists to choose 1 price option per profile, so we recommend setting it as your minimum "starting at" price so you don't miss out on gig notices. We strongly suggest listing all your rates by performance type in the profile description (along with your other bio and selling points). Bullet points are an easy format to read. For example, this lists starts with your minimum starting rate and go from there: - Virtual/streamed/pre-recorded event: $75 per 30 minutes, minimum - In-store / restaurant / club event: $200 per 60 minutes, minimum - Wedding ceremony: $500, includes 1 dress rehearsal Because it's hard to cover all scenarios, you may want to mention that "add ons" and special requests may incur additional fees and to contact you directly for a detailed quote.

Artists are paid as soon as they confirm the booking through the marketplace. Cancellation policies are a way to minimize your opportunity cost should a host cancel the show after you have been paid. Please state your cancellation policy in your artist profile. You may also want to get a separate signed booking agreement between you and the host as an extra measure of clarity. With proof of a mutually agreed upon cancellation policy, Herizon Music will retain and/or refund monies accordingly.

We hope this never happens, and trust that our hosts will honor their commitments, just as we trust artists to do the same. One way to prove you performed is to take pictures at the event. Take one from stage or ask a friend or someone at the event to take a photo of you. Take a picture of you with the event host or a screenshot of the online event. File these for your long-term records.